Hawaiian Sea Turtle

"Sea Turtles: A Symbol of the Hawaiian Islands"

Hawaiian Sea Turtles

Hawaiian Sea Turtles are a symbol of the Hawaiian Islands, and they are also endangered. Learn more about these amazing animals with these fascinating facts.

The Hawaiian sea turtle is an endangered species that is endemic to the Hawaiian islands. These animals have been around for millions of years, but their populations have declined drastically due to human activity such as fishing nets, pollution and harvesting eggs.

Hawaiian sea turtles can grow up to 2 meters in length and weigh up to 300 pounds. They primarily eat jellyfish, sponges, algae and fish; however they will occasionally eat other marine life like eel or octopus when it's available. They spend most of their lives in the open ocean where they swim at speeds of 10 mph.

Why are they important to Hawaiians?

Hawaiian sea turtles are important to Hawaiians because they have been part of the Hawaiian culture for centuries. They were used in ancient times as a food source and also as a spiritual symbol. Today, they are still a part of the island's culture and their shells are often used to create art, jewelry, and other crafts.

Hawaiian sea turtles are endangered due to habitat loss, pollution, climate change, boat strikes, and fishing nets. Populations on some islands have declined by more than 95% since the 1980s."

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Hawaiian Sea Turtle


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