Unique Design: Fried Egg Pan, Bacon Pan, Non-stick Pancake Pan


About this item

  • 3-Section Egg Pan: The egg frying pan with 3 divided sections can cook 3 foods at the same time, such as eggs, pancakes, sausage, steak, burgers, etc,. Each area is independent to prevent food from mixing taste. This fried egg pan will provide you with great convenience to create various foods for your family in 3-5 minutes, and only need to clean ONE pot.
  • Premium Frying Pan: This nonstick egg pan is made of five layers of technical materials, the bottom of the pan has proper heat conductivity to make sure foods are uniformly heated, it can be used on induction cookers or gas stoves. The surface is designed with a non-stick pan coating which is safe and easy to clean. Deepen cup designed to avoid overflow.
  • Sensitive Temperature Detection Bar: This divided egg skillet pan has a temperature detection silicone bar. When the color turns lighter, it means you can start cooking or lower the temperature. You can easily control the temperature by watching the color change to make tasty foods.
  • Ergonomic Bakelite Handle: The wood handle with a smooth surface has good heat insulation properties, prevents scalding, is easy to grasp, and is lighter to use, it also has anti-corrosion, rust, and deformation functions to have a lengthy life span. A hole on the handle for you to hang on the wall whenever you don't need the eggplant.