Sushi Making Kit for Beginners - DIY Sushi Maker Kit


About this item

Are you confused about how to make sushi?

  • Comes with step-by-step color instructions, easy to use. If you use the 4 molds, you don't need to roll them. Place the nori in the mold opening, fill it, fold it and then press it with the mold shape
  • This sushi-making set includes 11 pieces of tools, you can make California-rolls, sushi-rolls, Nigiri, etc. This set offers 4 different sushi shape molds - heart, circle, square, triangle.
  • Create sushi rolls of all sizes & shapes! Make heart-shaped rolls and dream up your wildest combination of fresh, delectable, and colorful ingredients.  Become a sensation at your next party and enjoy the thundering applause of your friends and family!
  • In addition to the great flavors, sushi can also introduce a lot of varying nutrition to your body! Another regular ingredient - nori seaweed - is full of iodine.